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What is ThinkUp?

ThinkUp analyzes your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook activity to give you fun and surprising insights, then emails them to you (or tweets at you if it's super interesting).

“An indispensable guide to how I navigate social networks.”
“ThinkUp is different. It’s simple, beautiful, and clear. It’s just a way to make Twitter (and Facebook) more fun.”
One of the World's Most Innovative Companies in Social Media
“Whether you tweet just for fun or you're building a personal brand, ThinkUp can give you insights on how to use social media better, which I didn't expect.”
What changes did your friends make to their profiles?
Are you talking about yourself too much?
Did you remember to say thanks?
What special moment happened a year ago?
Make any interesting connections this week?
Who were your biggest fans this week?

…and hundreds more!

ThinkUp works the way that you do.

ThinkUp’s insights come any way you want them. Check them any time on your phone, tablet, or computer at your personal ThinkUp address. Get an email telling you what's up with your friends and followers every day (or less often if you prefer).

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You’ll love what ThinkUp doesn’t do.

  • No popularity contests about how many friends you have.
  • No creepy tracking of your behavior.
  • No ugly surprises about how your data is used.
  • No hassle if you want to cancel your subscription.
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A tech company that
treats you with respect.

ThinkUp is a different kind of company. We make products for regular people, we collaborate with an open source community and we live by our values.

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