ThinkUp’s Facebook plugin collects posts and status updates for Facebook user profiles and pages.

Set Up the Facebook Plugin (Admin only)

To use the Facebook plugin, you’ll need to create a Facebook application on facebook.com. Set the Web Site > Site URL as recommended, and the Facebook-provided API Key, Application Secret and Application ID in the Facebook plugin’s settings page in ThinkUp.

Plugin Settings

App ID (required) is the Application ID provided when you create a Facebook application on facebook.com for use with ThinkUp.

App Secret: (required) is the Application Secret provided when you create a Facebook application on facebook.com for use with ThinkUp.

Max crawl time in minutes: (optional) is the maximum amount of time that ThinkUp will spend crawling a single Facebook user or page. This cap is in place for very busy pages or profiles with deep archives which could take hours to crawl. The default value is 20 minutes. This means that by default, after 20 minutes of crawling a particular Facebook profile or page, the crawler will move onto the next one.

Add a Facebook user profile to ThinkUp

Click on the “Authorize ThinkUp on Facebook” button to add your Facebook user account to ThinkUp. This button will only appear if the Facebook plugin is configured.

Add a Facebook page to ThinkUp

ThinkUp’s Facebook plugin works with Facebook pages, but it can only connect with regular Facebook user accounts.

To add a Facebook page, connect a regular Facebook user account to ThinkUp. Then, either create a new page or “like” an existing page on Facebook.com. Add it to ThinkUp from the pages dropdown in ThinkUp, which contains both pages you manage and pages you “like.” Any pages you manage will be listed first.

Note about business accounts

ThinkUp’s Facebook plugin does not support business accounts. When you try to connect your Facebook business account to ThinkUp, you will see the error message “Sorry, ThinkUp does not support business accounts.”

Help! I don’t see Facebook pages I manage in the dropdown list

If you’re only seeing pages you “like” but not pages you manage in the pages dropdown list, delete your Facebook user account from ThinkUp, and re-add it. Authorize ThinkUp to get access to your managed pages, and then they will appear in the dropdown list.