The dashboard for a Twitter user contains brief sections of information you can find in more depth in individual data listings.

Twitter User

Username, service name (Twitter), Twitter avatar, and last updated time.

Response Rates

A bar chart of your replies and retweet totals for recent tweets.

Most Discerning Followers

Your top 12 most discerning followers.

Clickthrough Rates

A bar chart of the clickthrough rates on your most recent tweets which contain shortened links from services which provide click stats, like Bit.ly. This chart only appears if the Expand URLs plugin is set up to capture link stats via Bit.ly.

This Week’s Most Replied-To Posts

The tweets with the most replies posted in the last 7 days, ordered by number of replies descending.

Follower Count by Day and Week

If there’s data, these line charts display your follower count history the past 5 days and 5 weeks.

Next Milestone

If a notable milestone is within sight, you’ll see a “Next milestone” message which tells you how many weeks it will take to reach that milestone.

Specifically, based on your current rising follower count trend, if you will reach 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 150k, 200k, 250k, 300k, 500k, 750k, or 1M followers within the next 10 weeks, you will see this next milestone message.

This Week’s Most Retweeted

The tweets with the most retweets posted in the last 7 days, ordered by number of replies descending.

Post Types

A bar chart of how many tweets by this user are replies and how many contain links.

Client Usage

Pie chart of which Twitter clients this user uses over all time.

Time Machine: On This Day In Years Past

Tweets you published on this day in past years. For example, your posts from 1 year ago, 2 years ago, and 3 years ago.