Service Users

Once you install ThinkUp, to start gathering data from various social networks, you’ll add one or more service users. A service user is a user account on a particular network. For example, a Twitter user, a Facebook page, or a Facebook user profile are all service users.

A ThinkUp user can have multiple service users associated with it. For example, ThinkUp user might have three service users set up: @aplusk on Twitter, @mrskutcher on Twitter, and the Ashton Kutcher Facebook page.

How to Add a Service User

Add service users to your ThinkUp account through a series of approved plugins included with your installation. To get started, in Settings > Plugins, click on the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter plugin to add a new service user for each respective network.

See the links below for further instructions on how to add new service users for each ThinkUp plugin.

Switch Service User

Once you have multiple service users set up, to view data associated with another service user, from the dashboard click on the “Switch service user” link on the left side of ThinkUp’s status bar.