How to Report a Bug or Make a Feature Request

ThinkUp is an open source project mostly built by volunteers, who troubleshoot and discuss features in public community spaces. If you’ve found a ThinkUp bug or have an idea for a new feature, here’s what you can do to get help or feedback most efficiently.

Step 2: Don’t File An Issue

ThinkUp’s issue tracker is public, but you shouldn’t file a new issue unless the problem or feature request has been confirmed by the ThinkUp community. If you file a new issue without discussing it with the community, no one but Gina will receive the new issue notification. If she cannot reproduce the bug or isn’t sold on the feature pitch, she will close the issue. There’s a better chance someone in the community at large will be able to reproduce your problem or get excited about your feature.

Instead of filing a new issue, discuss the problem/idea with the community first to confirm it is indeed a new issue and not a known bug, a rejected feature idea or an environmental problem versus an application code bug.

Step 3: Contact the Community

Send an email to the ThinkUp mailing list describing your problem or feature idea. Be specific.

Write a Great Bug Report

Help us help you! The more information about your problem you share, the more likely it is that the community can help you.

In your bug report, include the following information:

  • Your ThinkUp hosting provider
  • The version of ThinkUp you are running
  • Whether or not you have any special setup details (i.e., a subdomain, desktop installation, modified code, etc)
  • What you did before the bug occurred
  • What the application message or log contents were when the bug occurred
  • What the expected behavior was
  • What version of PHP and MySQL your ThinkUp host is running

While the core development team can’t respond to every bug report on the mailing list, volunteer community members help each other troubleshoot problems.

Propose a New Feature

If you’ve got an idea for a new ThinkUp feature, we invite you to pull the source code and start building! If you’re not a coder, the better you pitch your feature idea to the community, the more likely an interested developer will work on it.

To pitch your feature idea, describe exactly how you think the new functionality should work, and include wireframes and screenshots. Sell your idea to the community by clearly explaining its benefits and use cases, and how you plan to help make the feature. We only build features which align with ThinkUp’s purpose.

Thanks for helping us make ThinkUp a great application, and for respecting the community’s time and public spaces.