Didn’t receive an account activation email

If you didn’t receive an account activation email to the address you entered during installation, double-check your spam folder. If the email didn’t arrive, check with your hosting provider about whether or not the server is able to send email via PHP’s mail function.

If your web host is unable to send email, configure ThinkUp to send email via Mandrill, a third-party transactional email provider.

ThinkUp must be able to send email. If it cannot, several ThinkUp functions are affected:

  • You won’t receive the initial account activation email during ThinkUp installation.
  • You won’t receive the authorization link to upgrade your ThinkUp installation when updating the application.
  • Users won’t receive an email to reset their password when using the “Forgot Password” link.
  • New users will not receive an account activation email when they fill out the registration form.
  • You won’t get other important email alerts, like when your Facebook connection expires.

ThinkUp will continue to add email notifications to the application in the future.