Capture the output of ThinkUp’s verbose crawler log

To capture the output of ThinkUp’s verbose developer log, in the file, set the $THINKUP_CFG['log_location'] value, like this:

$THINKUP_CFG['log_location']              =

Then, when the crawler runs, the crawler.log file will contain the output. To test, SSH into your web server, run the crawler at the command line and tail -f crawler.log as you go. The output will look something like this (annotated).


Problem: the crawler log / SQL log are not being created

At the moment, ThinkUp will not explicitly create the crawler log and SQL log files. They need to be manually created by you. To do this, execute this command:

$ touch path/to/log/file.log

You will need to replace the path with the actual path to where you have set your log files to be in your config. If I were in my root ThinkUp directory (the one above webapp/) and I wanted to create the log files in log/crawler.log and log/sql.log, I would execute the following commands from my root ThinkUp directory:

$ touch log/crawler.log

$ touch log/sql.log