At ThinkUp, we know that software development isn’t just about code. We’re looking for writers, designers, power users, and user experience experts to collaborate with us to make a world-class platform. All are welcome.

Where to Start

The most frequently-asked question we get from potential contributors is “Where do I begin?” Our answer is always “What are your skills? What are you most interested in working on?”

ThinkUp is just as much about community as it is about code, so if you’re brand new, the first step is contact us and introduce yourself. Tell us what your skills are and what you’re most excited about in ThinkUp, and how you’d like to help. The community can help point you in the right direction.

How You Can Help

How you can contribute to a great open source project depends on your skillset. Click on the link that best describes what kind of ThinkUp user or developer you are.

We’re also looking for web security experts to pentest ThinkUp; MySQL experts to help optimize ThinkUp queries, and sysadmins to help make ThinkUp as easily-installable and upgradable as possible. If you’re interested in lending a hand, please do get in touch.