1.0.8 - 5 Jul 2012


  • Optimization: Speed up dashboard rendering by caching results of chart queries in database during data capture
  • Expand URLs plugin: Prevent endless 302 redirect loops (which causes “Error starting crawler; another crawl is already in progress” message)
  • Expand URLs plugin: Don’t require both Flickr and Bitly API keys to save settings
  • Facebook Plugin: Alert user when Facebook’s tokens have expired via email and on the dashboard
  • Facebook Plugin: Update application setup instructions to match Facebook’s UI changes
  • Twitter plugin: Accommodate localhost installations in Twitter’s OAuth callback URL
  • Optimize images using pullcrusher


This release started storing the data displayed in dashboard charts like Response Rates, Clickthrough Rates, Followers by Day and Followers by Week, etc, during data capture. Therefore, when you first upgrade ThinkUp, these charts may appear blank. In order to restore them, run a data capture.

This bugfix-bugfix restores dashboard charts for Facebook and Google+ service users.