1.0.5 - 4 May 2012ΒΆ


  • Bugfix: Restore Export link on Facebook and Google+ All Posts list
  • Bugfix: Fix missing Followers and Post Types and Client Usage charts on the dashboard
  • Bugfix: Avoid file_exists basedir restriction error in init.php
  • Bugfix: On the Twitter Plugin setting screen, when the hostname is localhost, show instead for Twitter.com compatibility
  • Bugfix: During Expand URLs capture, correctly handle relative redirects
  • Bugfix: During Google+ crawl, avoid Property of non-object PHP warning when object is not set
  • Bugfix: Remove unnecessary CSS, tweak look of buttons and alerts, fix unstyled views and buttons
  • Bugfix: Make web upgrader code compatible with PHPFog server restrictions
  • Improve commenting and default settings in sample config file
  • Rename status bar’s “Update Now” button to “Capture Data”
  • Developer bugfix: Make all test data files Windows compatible


This release fixed a bug in the Expand URLs plugin which incorrectly marked some short URLs as invalid. To force ThinkUp to retry expanding these URLs correctly, in your ThinkUp database run the following SQL: UPDATE tu_links SET error=’’ where error = ‘Invalid URL - relocates to nowhere’