1.0.4 - 25 Mar 2012ΒΆ


  • New feature: Ability to upgrade ThinkUp’s application code to its latest version in-app
  • New feature: Ability to opt into a beta channel for testers to preview new features before their stable release
  • Bugfix: Convert Google image charts to interactive charts for null value interpolation on line charts and dynamic rollovers
  • Bugfix: Avoid PHP Notice during Bitly link crawl
  • Bugfix: Restore Google+ post search
  • Bugfix: Avoid Database error while saving post errors
  • Bugfix: Avoid PHP Fatal Error during user data export
  • Bugfix: Don’t assume default database table prefix during short link processing
  • Bugfix: During installation, re-enable user ability to touch empty config file and proceed through installation
  • Bugfix: Restore Twitter app name and Facebook URL in plugin setup pages when they’re not configured
  • Bugfix: Update views using old design elements
  • Bugfix: Correctly obtain Facebook link final redirect destinations
  • Bugfix: Correct outdated instructions for obtaining a Google Maps API key for the Geoencoder plugin
  • Bugfix: Gracefully handle URLs which expand to empty strings in Expand URLs plugin
  • Bugfix: Add instructions on how to get clickthrough rates in Expand URLs