1.0.3 - 27 Feb 2012ΒΆ


  • Bugfix: Restore RSS feed crawl functionality.
  • Dashboard reorganization: Rename “Recent Activity” chart to “Response Rates.” Move “This Week’s Most Discerning Followers” further up the page. Remove “Hot Posts” module.
  • New feature: Preserve intermediate short links in a links_short table. For example, if a t.co link shortens a bit.ly link, the application saves both versions, instead of discarding the intermediary bit.ly version.
  • Bugfix/New chart: Reliably acquire click counts for bit.ly links. Display “Clickthrough Rates” chart on dashboard. Provide data structure and code for acquiring click stats from goo.gl and when Twitter makes the API available, t.co.
  • Bugfix: On Google+ Response Rates chart, scale horizontal bars correctly and display # of shares in addition to +1s and replies.
  • Bugfix: Avoid Undefined variable follower_count_dao PHP Notice during Facebook crawl.
  • Bugfix: Improve Twitter REST crawler efficiency and ensure no task is ever beyond the API call budget.
  • Fix typos, add documentation.