Beta 0.17 - 08 Nov 2011ΒΆ

New features:

  • Completely redesigned application interface
  • Collapsed Dashboard sidebar menu into high level categories
  • Twitter Plugin: Added “This Week’s Most Discerning Followers” module on Followers page
  • Twitter Plugin: Capture and chart Twitter list membership totals (on Followers page)
  • Facebook Plugin: Capture Facebook wall posts from other users (Posts -> Posts On Your Wall)
  • Facebook Plugin: Add pages you manage (in addition to pages you “like”) to Add Facebook Page dropdown
  • Added ability for admins to “Promote” and “Demote” other ThinkUp users to administrators
  • Made post reply search available to non-logged in users


  • Improved ThinkUp’s password policy (8 characters, alphanumeric)
  • Collapse plugin setup details once the plugin is successfully configured
  • Database Upgrader: Auto-detect database size and advise users backing up or upgrading large databases to use the command line option
  • Database Upgrader: Improved database upgrade process to avoid “table not found” error on DROP TABLE statements
  • Set MySQL timezone when possible to better handle Daylight Saving time
  • Redirect to application front page on login to avoid form resubmission prompt on refresh
  • Various user interface improvements (copy to clipboard buttons, better plugin setup instructions, simplified copy, standardized terminology)
  • Google+ Plugin: “Access not configured” and “undefined property” bugs fixed
  • Twitter Plugin: Tweets with multiple links in them no longer show up twice in post listings
  • Twitter Plugin: Update all Twitter username links to use Web Intents
  • Facebook Plugin: Fixed bug when adding a Facebook account from a ThinkUp installation running on https
  • Added ability to opt out of usage reporting (Settings > Application)