Beta 0.16 - 06 Oct 2011ΒΆ

New features:

  • Google + plugin: Capture the last 25 public posts for an authorized Google account, chart reply and +1 totals
  • Facebook plugin: Capture backposts, chart friend/page liker count over time, capture friend and page liker details
  • Dashboard: See hot posts at the top of the page (replaced most recent posts)


  • Database upgrader: Track what migrations have run and which haven’t so in the event of a timeout, the upgrade process can resume and retry only the migrations which have not run
  • Facebook plugin: Optimize crawl for busy pages and profiles to use fewer API requests and get more data, added max crawl time option to end very lengthy crawls
  • Recent Activity chart: Replace post dates with post text to clearly see what posts have what totals
  • Settings->Plugin listing: Display alerts next to plugins missing required settings
  • Plugin settings page: Standardized layout, removed extraneous copy, added help links, set fields to the width of expected value
  • Smarter installation: Added more thorough system requirement checks, skip step 1 to reduce clicks when reqs are met
  • Twitter plugin: Added per-function API call budgeting for better failsafes in the event of greedy process
  • Follower Count charts: Switched to bar charts to see daily/weekly/monthly totals more clearly
  • Twitter plugin: Detect “MT”-style retweets
  • Image thumbnail support: Added Lockerz to list of detected image sources
  • Facebook plugin: Removed API key setting field, which is no longer used by Facebook
  • Add Application-wide setting to see verbose crawler log on Update Now page
  • Move crawl RSS URL and cron command to Settings->Account page, added copy to clipboard button
  • Simplify “Switch user” dropdown: Reduce number of clicks to switch user from 3 to 2
  • Improve crawl logging for Facebook and Twitter