Beta 0.15 - 30 Aug 2011ΒΆ

New features:

  • Capture Facebook media: Store and display Facebook post links titles, images, descriptions, and captions
  • Capture Facebook “likes”: Store and display Facebook post “likes” and sort posts by most-liked, this week and all time
  • Capture Facebook friends’ location (when permitted) so that the Geoencoder plugin can plot Facebook replies on a Google Map
  • Add “Recent Activity” dashboard chart: A post-by-post bar chart of replies and likes/retweets


  • Upgrade Facebook plugin to OAuth 2.0 for more secure authorization flow
  • Improve login security: Enable database-stored per-user password salt (instead of hard-coded single salt)
  • Improve support: The ExpandURLs plugin gracefully handles multiple-shortened URLs, like a link which shortens a or link
  • On a fresh installation, enable the Twitter, Facebook, and Expand URLs plugins by default
  • Add configurable “cache_lifetime” value to the file to reduce database load on busy installations
  • Sped up dashboard render time by aggressively caching query output to file


  • Smartly remove deleted tweets from ThinkUp’s datastore
  • Reduce failures during database upgrade process
  • Fix broken links to service user pages & restored post listings there
  • Fix missing image thumbnails for image links
  • Fix RSS feed link for email addresses with a + sign in them
  • Fix broken Facebook post export
  • Simplified and consolidated Twitter dashboard menu
  • Fixed bug where locked user account didn’t get unlocked on password reset
  • Fix in-post HTML entities display bug (in an “I <3 NY” tweet, &lt;3 displays as <3)
  • Various CSS/page layout fixes