Beta 0.14 - 09 Aug 2011ΒΆ

New Features:


  • Fixed: CSRF bug which prevented users from deleting Facebook accounts
  • Fixed: “No default value” MySQL errors on certain Windows-based server configurations
  • Fixed: “No plugin object defined for: pluginname” exception. ThinkUp now automatically deactivates non-existent plugins if they’re marked as active in the data store
  • Fixed: Persistent “Updated 15 hours ago” timezone bug
  • Fixed: doesOwnerHaveAccess() error when you click on a Facebook user name from a reply list


  • Security hardening: Added filter for cross-site scripting code in all data coming from external sources
  • Improved usability in installation timezone dropdown by adding client TZ auto-detection
  • Improved image embedding
  • Improved ExpandURLs process to avoid endless loop-checking malformed links
  • Improved GeoEncoder plugin settings area usability and documentation
  • Cleaned up and standardized post presentation across views
  • Optimized/sped up crawler SQL query for saving instance data
  • Converted all post publish_dates to UTC
  • Removed Standalone mentions data listing
  • Removed “Hello ThinkUp” developer example plugin from user distribution
  • Added ~3,000 words of application documentation