Beta 0.13 - 21 June 2011ΒΆ

New features:


  • Valid invitation codes no longer result in “registration is closed” error
  • Display more accurate retweet counts (don’t get stuck at 100 ceiling)
  • Expand URLs plugin: Extract URLs terminated by commas, periods, or smart-quotes
  • Prevent not-logged-in dead end during upgrade backup prompt
  • Fixed offline jQuery external request 404
  • SlickGrid: Load all-tweets, all mentions and favorites search grid inline on page instead of popping lightbox
  • Fixed “Notice: Undefined variable: oid” error when re-adding an authorized Twitter account
  • Added support for field-level error, info, and success messages on any application page. App no longer displays invitation code success message / changed password success message on every Settings tab.

Security hardening: