Beta 0.9 - 17 Mar 2011

Twitter plugin:

  • Reduced Twitter API 502 errors When you run beta 9, you’ll see a greatly reduced number of red Twitter API 502 errors in your crawler log. Turns out that if you request 200 tweets per Twitter API call, it often times out and issues a 502. Beta 9 only requests 100 tweets per call–which requires more calls, but results in fewer errors. The number of tweets your ThinkUp installation retrieves per API call is now configurable in the Twitter plugin’s Advanced Settings area (though it’s not something you should have to change unless you’re troubleshooting or developing). More info:!topic/twitter-development-talk/_0mDiNCbZ0o
  • Fixed Follower Count charts where there is missing data If there’s a gap in the follower count data (meaning, your crawler hasn’t run every day the chart represents), those gaps are now reflected properly on the X-axis of the follower count graphs on the Main Dashboard as well as on the Follower Count page. Screenshot:
  • Added Follower Count milestones Wondering how long it will take to reach 1,000 followers? 5,000 followers? 100,0000 followers? Beta 9 adds a Follower count “next milestone” message that calculates how long it will take to reach the next level. Here’s a screenshot of that in action:
  • Corrected Retweet count ceiling at 100 RTs Thanks to Amy, retweet counts are no longer capped at 100; if there are more than 100 retweets for a post, that’s reflected in the UI.
  • Resolved Twitter favorites crawler problem If you have no favorites or Twitter is reporting an inaccurate number, the crawler handles that more gracefully.
  • Fixed follower deactivation bug If a follower account has been deactivated, ThinkUp’s crawler doesn’t count that as an error; rather it deactivates the relationship and moves on.

Facebook plugin:

  • Fixed broken Facebook avatar images
  • Facebook plugin now pages back to capture all comments on a status update, doesn’t just get 25

Expand URLs plugin:

ThinkUp application:

Developer goodies:

  • The FixtureBuilder library now supports MySQL functions
  • Tests are now completely PHP 5.2 compatible
  • Fully deprecated and removed the Database class from tests, everything is PDO/FixtureBuilder-based
  • Added test environment check which prevents devs from accidentally wiping their TU data
  • Added nightly test runs to server with results emailed to the dev list