Beta 0.7 - 27 Dec 2010ΒΆ


  • Improved login security: To avoid the potential for brute-force password cracking attempts on ThinkUp’s login page, there is now a cap on the number of failed logins. After 10 failed login attempts, a ThinkUp user’s account gets deactivated. To reactivate, the user resets his/her password via email. (Look for more security-focused updates to the system in future releases.)
  • Better retweet crawling: Thanks to Amy, ThinkUp now captures the total of new-style retweets more accurately, and displays that number plus the number of old-style quoted retweets that ThinkUp detects.
  • Tweet reply links: Thanks to Sam, you can now easily reply to a given tweet from inside ThinkUp. Rollover any tweet and click on the “Reply” link to autofill Twitter’s update form with the user name and status ID. Screenshot:
  • Picplz support: Thanks to Kyle, photos posted on Twitter from now show up as inline thumbnails in ThinkUp.
  • Tweet photo thumbnails appear on post page: Speaking of image thumbnails, they now appear on individual post pages like this one:
  • Configure number of links to expand per crawler run: Thanks to Sam, you can now set the number of links the Expand URLs plugin attempts per crawler run. This number is 1500 by default and normally won’t need to be changed. But, if your crawls are taking too long or if you’ve got too many links to expand that aren’t happening fast enough, you can now dial it up or down in the web interface. Screenshot:
  • Followers/Who You Follow lists updated: Twitter’s Followers/Who You Follow lists have been simplified, and now display some interesting stats like how many multiples of followers a user has versus friends, and the average number of posts that user has published per day since they joined Twitter. Screenshot:
  • New (for developers)! Logger debug mode: Thanks to Amy, developers who have debug=true in their config file can write debug statements to the log while developing the crawler.


  • Gradients in design refresh: Thanks to Andy, everyone on every browser sees the new gradients in beta 6’s design refresh as we intended.
  • Upgrader: Mark fixed a bug that potentially caused problems upgrading to ThinkUp’s latest version from beta 2. We now have automated upgrade tests which run through every single possible upgrade path from beta 1 to beta 7 passing.
  • Several more little things: Application options have been moved to the generic options table to consolidate our data structure; Update your data links no longer throw a 404; Links to retweet listings from the Dashboard have been corrected; Plugin external libraries are now located in their own extlib folders.