Beta 0.5 - 22 Nov 2010ΒΆ


  • Human readable crawler log: When you click on the “Update now” link to run the ThinkUp crawler, the activity log you’ll see has been totally revamped. You’ll have an easier time seeing errors, successes, and information about what’s working and what’s not.
  • Better data integrity: The latest database migration enforces some unique indexes which will make sure your datastore is cleaner and free of duplicate links and posts. (Related mailing list thread:


  • Reduced number of Twitter API errors: The order the ThinkUp crawler gathers your data from the Twitter API has been adjusted in a way that should result in fewer errors and faster data capture. In practice, your friends and followers lists will not stay empty for as long as they have been anymore. (One of several related mailing list threads:
  • The database upgrader: The upgrader now supports custom table prefixes (Guillaume, you will be the true test of this fix), and it has more understandable messaging about what to do regarding the completion email and after the upgrade is complete. (Related mailing list messages:
  • Expand URLs hanging bug: The ExpandURLsPlugin used to hang indefinitely when it hit a URL that didn’t respond quickly enough, causing some people to have to deactivate the plugin entirely. The timeout has been set so the plugin will move on after a set amount of time correctly now.
  • A few more little things: The grid search now works with posts which contain Unicode characters, and plugin option errors no longer have the endearing but completely uninformative “Sorry, but we are unable to process your request at this time” message–instead, you get specific details about what’s wrong. (Related mailing list thread: