Beta 0.4 - 14 Nov 2010ΒΆ


  • Web-based database upgrader: When you install the new version, you’ll experience the biggest new ThinkUp feature, our web-based database upgrader. Instead of running SQL by hand to update your ThinkUp datastore, the app will walk you through the process step by step, show you what changes it made, and even give you an option to back up your data first. Screenshots here: This new feature is big and complicated and while we tried our best to test every possible scenario, we’re depending on you to let us know how it goes and report any problems you may have or make any UX suggestions. (Thanks in advance for that.)
  • Configurable Twitter API error tolerance: The Twitter API serves many fail whales. You can now configure the crawler to tolerate up to a certain number of whales–5 by default, but you can increase or reduce it now in the plugin settings.


  • Crawler log updates as-it-runs: The “Update now” page updates in real-time, instead of spinning and spinning until an entire crawler run is complete.
  • Lots of little things: no more exec() PHP warning, the WordPress plugin instructions and DB calls are fixed, long URLs now wrap correctly, no more bug with deleted accounts because of caching, restored missing cache directory causing permissions error, added automatic tests for installation and upgrade process, ported several tests to the FixtureBuilder library.