Beta 0.3 - 19 Oct 2010ΒΆ


  • Delete network accounts: If you’ve added a Twitter or Facebook account you want to delete, there’s now a handy “Delete” button to do so, as shown here:
  • User-selected timezone: When you install ThinkUp fresh, a dropdown of timezones is available for you to choose from, instead of the app just defaulting to America/Los_Angeles. This will fix the infamous “updated thousands of negative seconds ago” bug that appears in the status bar on new installations not located in Southern California. Existing users: you should enter your timezone correctly by hand into your Warning: the timezone select in the installer is long and scary right now. There is an issue filed (#369) to simplify it.
  • Installer attempts to create database: When you install ThinkUp fresh, if you enter the name of a database which does not already exist, the installer will attempt to create it with the credentials you enter. Previously it required that the database already existed.


  • Facebook Plugin: Fixed major bugs with new Facebook application setup; you can now authorize your FB account and add pages you like to ThinkUp with the correct permissions.
  • E_STRICT warnings: If you’ve got PHP warning set to E_STRICT, ThinkUp no longer triggers warnings while developing.


  • In preparation for Twitter’s new 64-bit “Snowflake” post IDs, we’ve expanded the capacity of ThinkUp’s post ID fields.
  • Ported several tests to use our FixtureBuilder library instead of raw SQL. The FixtureBuilder lets you create test data very easily and using it throughout our tests instead of straight SQL will enable us to swap in different DB types and test with custom table prefixes later.