Beta 0.2 - 4 Oct 2010ΒΆ

  • Facebook Plugin: I gutted all the old Facebook Connect code and replaced it with shiny new Open Graph code. The account connection experience should be much less bewildering. Give it a try and let me know how it goes, especially all of you who have had trouble in beta 1. Important note for those of you who actually did manage to set up Facebook users and pages successfully: the new plugin requires that you enter the Facebook Application ID, as shown here:
  • Twitter plugin: The Twitter API throws a lot of 500 errors (fail whales). Amy added a plugin option that lets you set how many whales the crawler should tolerate during a given crawl. Also, the crawler will now retry a failed API call instead of just moving onto the next one. Hopefully this will result in more successful Twitter crawls faster. Here’s what the new option looks like:
  • Inquiries: See only posts that you’ve asked an actual question in, which often prompts more replies. There’s no fancy natural language processing going on here, so it’s not always perfect, but the new “Inquiries” post listing only displays posts that contain question marks. An example in action:

Beta 2 also contains several minor bugfixes that restore broken links, tweak the design consistency, and remove a significant amount of code that was no longer being used. (This is why the .zip file is smaller than beta 1’s was.)